About this work


This project, named 'Tayside through time: Dundee Glaciers' is a collaboration between glaciologists and digital animators, aiming to produce visualisations of what Dundee's glaciers would have looked like during the ice age.

Please fill out our brief feedback questionnaire here ( https://forms.gle/T5tofWj6QsqWjAhS9 ) to help us learn more about the reach of this work!

Get in touch with any feedback and suggestions at vanwy048@umn.edu.

Project lead : Max Van Wyk de Vries ( https://www.maxgeohub.com/ )

Animation: Kieran Duncan ( https://www.kieranjduncan.com/ )

Funded by: BSG and Wiley

Special thanks to:

Kieran Baxter

The McManus Galleries

Simon Cook

Martin Kirkbride

The University of Dundee

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